Passionfruit Habanero Margarita

Tropical passionfruit with tequila, a touch of pear and a kick of Habanero might just become your favorite go-to margarita. 13% Abv
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Passionfruit Habanero Margarita

w/ Tequila

Passionfruit juice / lemon / organic blue agave / pear / habanero / Himalayan pink salt. 13% Abv

Ahhh... A margarita. Good friend. What can be better when the soul is screaming for a break from the world? An addition of pure passionfruit juice and a slap of habanero to wake and welcome you back to the leisure and love that life can bring. We use organic blue agave to balance the tropical tart of passionfruit and complement that sweet nectar with a sting of habanero and a dash of Himalayan pink salt for good measure. Enjoy anytime, anywhere (that's legally allowed :) and you won't be disappointed. Seriously. This drink is dynamite.

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